Saturday, June 19, 2010

Broiled Red Snapper

I decided on this out of a desire to serve a simple summer meal without a ton of ingredients. I broiled the snapper under the broiler, not over charcoal. I have plenty of experience with grilling, and in fact, thanks to that great organization, the Girl Scouts of America, can do slow grilling. However, I lack the confidence to grill fish over a grill. Even broiling fish under the broiler gives me issues, since I have no idea when it is done. The directions said cook five to ten minutes, depending on the size and thickness of the fish. My piece of fish was thick, or it seemed thick to me, about an inch. I grilled it for five minutes, and took it out to cut it in half, only to discover that the inside was raw. I grilled for three more minutes, cut some more and discovered more raw fish. Back in the broiler it went, for three more minutes of broiling. So ten minutes ought to do it with a thickish piece of fish.
We've been having some really nice summer weather, not too hot to eat outside, so I wanted to have the kind of meal that the shelter rags take a picture of. I wouldn't say that I succeeded, but, we did have a nice dinner, away from the newspaper and dog hair strewn mess that is our family room/dining room.
Our terrace is lit with those Christmas icecle lights that were so popular about 10 years back. My husband spent two evenings on a tippy ladder, looping them onto wires that stretch from the house to the magnolia tree , to the garage and to the corner of the sun porch. It means you can see what you are eating, and looks very festive. So, we ate out there. Broiled red snapper, tiny white boiled potatoes and salad.
Every so often, I get domestic. Sometimes I am spurred on by reading of the domesticity of others, and sometimes, I just feel sorry for my husband, who works hard at a job that he doesn't particularly care about, just so he can have a nice, domestic life at home. I feel bad that nine times out of ten, he gets home at 8:15 or 8:30 and is ordered to make the salad so we can eat. (He makes way better salad than I do, but hell, my salad is edible, and I can make it so he doesn't have to.)
So that was the emotion driving our dinner. I also cleaned up the kitchen, which had descended into squalor, thanks to the fact that it hadn't been cleaned up after dinner on Wednesday. We ate out on Thursday, so the sink had collected a huge number of dirty glasses, cereal bowls, etc.

Broiled Red Snapper

2 red snapper fillets, each weighing about one pound, or four large fillet pieces each weighing about one half pound.
Melted butter
Salt, and freshly ground black pepper
chopped parsley
lemon butter
lemon wedges

1. Preheat the broiler.
2. Place the fillets on a baking dish and brush generously with melted butter. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and broil about two inches from broiler heat. If fish starts to brown too quickly, reduce heat. Cook five to ten minutes, depending on size and thickness of fish. Brush the fish with additional butter during cooking. Serve fish sprinkled with parsley and lemon butter. Garnish with lemon wedges.
Two to four servings.

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